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Explore the features to know why our website always score highest in test results and real time performance.

Website Features

Clean Codes

We write clean codes. No, heavy or unnecessary script runs on any of the pages.

Lighter Scripts

Light weight Scripts helps to load the website much quicker than bulk scripts.

3rd party API

The best of 3rd party API is chosen to deliver results & performance.

Web Optimised

Resources like images are web optimized in the local machines and uploaded to the servers.

All Device Ready

The website loads smoothly on any device irrespective of its size.

Rock- Solid Security

We take all security measures seriously, and we stay up to date with latest security updates.

Brand Color Integration

A website which showcase your brand color.

Social Sharing Option

Now visitors can share the page on social media platform or Whatsapp by a click of a button.


Content delivery network scales down the website and deliver it to visitor, by loading from their nearest location. Powered by Cloudflare.


The sites is automatically updated to the latest and stable updates.

Powerful Servers

We use best of the hosting servers to make sure your website loads instantly and performs smoothly.

Unbeatable SEO

Our codes are SEO optimized i.e., search engines can easily read the codes and crawl it and start displaying on the 1st page results.

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